Howeverーー, ??? If that’s done to us by us, who have attained『Return by Death』, then no matter how much the struggle we can never win, isn’t it! Cause I see quite a lot of people with pfps, Damn, I seriously checking everyday just to know that the translators are taking a break xD. And the seven heavenly virtues,『Chastity』『Humility』『Temperance』『Patience』『Diligence』『Charity』『Kindness』. Excited to see the end of this Arc (and hopefully the start of the next soon!). but now I finally get to complete this amazing Web Novel. Awww… Either way I’m 19 male Philippines, call my number if your interested for being my freind its 09459752889, My boi Subaru gonna fucking annihilate Batenkaitos then when they defeat Reid, all SA of Gluttony will be dead so Rem will wake up (gonna cry my fucking eyes out when Rem wakes up to realise Subaru really has become a worthy hero). Putting his hand on his forehead, Ley let out a sigh divided into disgust and irritation. I mean, there are a lot of people who did unspeakable things not knowing any better and turned around. Making such an expression huh. Group Releases. And entrusting opposing him to her siblings Ley and Roy instead of herself. Some of it is Leland's translation into English of an original Italian manuscript, the Vangelo (gospel). From『Louis’』words, she was repudiated being the same existence. Dividing the Witch Factor originally supposed to be one into two, having segregated the『Soul』despite being the same personage, in the utmost correct sense, another one of herself. However, reflecting on it now, had the hindrance not entered there, then Louis might have become one with that thing by this time. Close. The plan went well, didn’t it? Of the us inside of himself!”. That thing was repulsive. As if Od Lagna did not assess the『Memories』previous to that, abhorred them, or otherwiseーー, ??? With a single finger pointed towards the frightened, cowering Louis, he resumed. You’re super fast, I started reading from arc 4 last year and took me until last month to catch up to the latest chapters. If that, that alone, could come true, then perhapsーー. With strength poured into the arm which had grasped her hair, Louis gave rise to a screech in agony and fear. From the Camps to the Witch Cult, what would everyone think of these twisted versions of Subaru that have chosen Sin over virtue? This means that subaru and the tower have a connection somewhere xD. Hugging her own body, she was unable to do anything but react in exactly the same way as when she had confronted that thing. Louis Arneb, the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』, the blasphemer of『Souls』standing in the white world. Sort by. Completely thoroughly! Far better than her not talking due to fear. We’ve been stuck at Arc 6 Chapter 79 since November. The Witch This song is by The Cult and appears… on the movie soundtrack Songs From the Cool World (1992), on the compilation album Pure Cult: The Singles 1984-1995 (2000), on the box set Rare Cult … See, because we are genius after a~ll, we don’t think an attack that has already been seen once will hit!”. Ley: “You’re thinking you’ll be able to win if you do it a hundred times? We don’t want to die! Absolutely certainly! Howeverーー. Having tasted the other-worldly sensation called『Return by Death』, in a situation of not knowing how to surmount the obstacle however much one may『Die』, even the sound of dry leaves swaying in the breeze seemed fatal to life. spoiler. Echidna, who was utmost suspicious regarding Subaru’s amnesia, and had granted him forgiveness at its extremity. It’s an amazing chapter She seems completely incapable of love, so there’s little chance for redemption. She was astonished, by her own cognisance. That’s wrong that’s wrong that’s wrong that’s wro~o~o~o~ng! If we lose this, then onii-san will be able to kill us! Don’t come near don’t come near don’t come near don’t come near ~tsu! 1. “Sure man, bye” She comprehended.『Louis』before her eyes, who possessed the same face as herself, who had undergone the same experiences as herself. Followers are elusive, their means of hiding unknown, allowing them to survive until the current time. Timeline of the anime considered, wouldn’t be at all surprised if he waits all the way until Feb 2 (Rem’s and Ram’s birthday). Subaru our real goat, and Emilia’s perfect reaction at the end, I’ve been waiting for it for so long.. 100 years ago, the Witch Cult consisted of a moderate side, led by Petel… And yetーー. And to Subaru, Louis’ outbursting form was visible as terribly distant, minute. Impossible in terms of life! ーーNatsuki Subaru shall not forgive Louis Arneb, who was sobbing like a child. Thanks so much Ringo! Impossible in terms of physiology! Witch Cult Translations. Thank you for the mea– NEXT CHAPTER Why is the Witch-cult doing an ordeal to kill Emilia? Even if she were to believe, that conclusion led to『Fear』as well. I can’t wait to read more! What’s the status of arc7? She had wanted to attain a joyful life that was hers alone. chapter 77, The sin archbishops are supposed to be personification of insanity themselves, but Louis got completely broken just with the deaths “Natsuki Subaru” exepirenced in the tower, let alkne the mire painful deaths like the time Rem and Ram, who Subaru cared deeply for, mercilessly killed him, dief from a curse, frozen and decapitated, got his body stole by Petelgeuse, eaten alive by the rabbits, killed himself to avoid being assimilate with the thing Envy swallowed, the maddening deaths by Sirius and the miasma… just a very nice way to say how brutal Subaru’s obstacles were. The Sin Archbishops had committed sins difficult to forgive. Also… Any ideas whens the next one? ーーA conflict, devoid of victors. (SORRY IF THE NAME ‘PALEAIDES’ IS INCORRECT). , and may i know that subaru still love emilia and end up with her??? i think they returned to be 1 and louis is now terrified, Erm no I think Louis is erased totally 100% reason why she eaten her own name “with next attack it means death of Louis arneb” and second part “theres no victor theres no fight theres no interest” For those two to be doing that, that’s quite a feat.”. HYPE ! ーーThat was the conclusion, Natsuki Subaru had derived. Whilst witnessing fear fill her eyes like ink spilled on a white sheet, Subaru’s heart yet remained peaceful like the calm at sea. ーーThat was, the reason why Natsuki Subaru had remained without being prisoned in hell. Absolutely never! We get it, we get it. She was a young girl with an outward appearance which could unobjectionably be called young. This was due to the various emotions which overflowed in face of the rushing youth. shaula did know about google and so flugel too. Louis had become a part of that thing, and prior to that had eaten that thing’s『Memories』thoroughly down to its roots. Terrific! Take care everyone. Rumors about such legends have long been passed down in the Witch Cult. And, within the『Hall of Memories』wherein the form of the dreadful lunatic had been erased, Louis Arneb took in a deep, deep shivering inhale, and confirmed her own pure life. It’s entirety had become food for the human named Natsuki Subaru, and the Natsuki Subaru constructed by its entirety had reached this point after having stockpiled many a『Death』. The『Memories』and『Real Experience』which had observed the existence named Natsuki Subaru terribly objectively, were commending the path oneself had walked until now. Whether she could remain as per ordinary, she did not know. If the seven deadly sins were karma impossible to be sundered from humans as long as they live, then these were seven conventions which mustn’t be forgotten in order for humans carrying the burden of those sins to live with others. That was what Subaru whispered whilst being expelled out from a space to its edge, which wasn’t present in the world, with his field of vision turning white as if nothing had been there. I found a few small changes I think work better. Impossible in terms of destiny you see! Really hope author finishes arc 6 and starts arc 7 so the translation team would be faster since they don’t wanna rush when a whole bunch comes out lmao. Whilst viewing that, she quietly abided by her own words. Kinda like popping your head out of the water after holding your breath for too long, I’m so excited to see how the arc continues to develop into what is probably it’s final phase! I’ll ask Ringo today about it, though he has been extremely busy lately. Thank you so much Ringo ! Thanks to that, the lost『Memories』and the『Memories』thereafter had been unified. Thank you for all your diligence, long and hard spent hours looking and sifting through texts and context! ーーThat could perhaps be, a crystal pure like a child that had been coercively refined. ‘Louis’: “This is no joke ~tsu! Why be so curled up? ‘Louis’: “What if, we carelessly schemed wickedness? Cant wait for the next few chapters to finish up this arc! Much better quality. That he was crazy. Because he remembered that feeling akin to the soul being frozen, Subaru closed his eyes. He had a sinewy and tall body, longer dark green hair and also wore a black clerical robe. In order to not be killed by onii-san, we, cannot return this! He wanted to do that. Tasted it, right? She would be “amazing-amazing, i want this authority”. Mostly because Rem may be back soon and it may erase part of the tension. Still no ETA on a release though. A hundred years ago, his appearance was mostly the same, except that he had a tough yet gentle look. Her elder brothers, had been bad role models of her life. Due to the nature of this unorthodox annoyance, the goal that Al had spoken fell empty. At the very least, right now at the present instant, should she begin considering things aside from fighting, she would certainly burst into tears and cry. : “Its dangerous so wait! Thank you for the chapter ,please when(or any idea) the new chapter will be translated? Howeverーー. [Question] About the Witch-cult and the past few episodes. Whilst saying so, smiling at Louis was the existence exactly the same herーー『Louis』. No thanks from our side!”. If you do that……”. Either of them can do however they please! That’s why, we know what onii-san is going to do…… however, we won’t let you ~tsu!”, Louis: “Return what was eaten! However, her doubts were immediately dispelled. Please consider supporting the translators of the Witch Cult Translation team through our Patreon! Why? What a filthy desire to monopolise…… can’t even think that it’s us!”. About Subaru, like we all know he may/may not have a connection with the watchtower based on shaulas reaction ‘calling subaru master and all’. Subaru: “With that being said, I don’t really want even a part of that shame.”. For Love! The return of Subaru’s own『Memories』was due to the chance meeting between Natsuki Subaru, who lost his memories, and Natsuki Subaru of the moment immediately previous to his memories being robbedーー since his advance through the different world was replayed in the『Books of the Dead』, he was able to restore his own memories in the from of tracing them back. The arrangement was to challenge until the Authority of『Return by Death』has been looted, isn’t it! Last online 2 months ago, Truer words have never been spoken… RINGO PLSSSSSS, You guys are amazing! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNN THIS IS SO INCONVENIENT AND IT’S KILLING MEEEEEEEEE! Arc 6 hasn’t even finished being publisher yet, Yess been waiting for this moment let’s goo. best. As long as this isn’t returned, onii-san won’t kill us! I just caught up, so I’m wondering when chpt 77 will be translated. and how long has it been since they took that well-earned break? And upon Subaru’s head-on declaration that we won’t save her, that he detested her, Louis stabbed her claws into the shapeless white world and whilst desperately distancing herself away from Subaruーー, Louis: “We know…… we know onii-san’s ploy! Mutually glaring at each other with eyes of disbelief, a painful silence fell upon the white world. That thing, was abhorrent. I’m unexpectedly a pretty big deal, huh.”. She did know, what had been present inside of her which shattered. That’s why, disappear! Screaming, screaming, screaming, she screamed. Archived [Meme] Witch Cult Translations in a Nutshell. Cthäat Aquadingen. Thank u spook much for this chapter the end is solo hype…. Through the『Memories』of others, she must have also had a chance to come in contact with human emotions, likes and dislikes and learn from them. In the first place, why couldn’t the『Memories』prior to the occurrence of the『Summoning Into the Different World』or whatever be robbed. They were working on Warlords of Sigrdrifa: Rusalka (a light novel prequel to an up-and-coming anime) which released volumes in May and July, they released the sixth Re:Zero side-story collection in July, they’ve also likely been working with the anime production team to an extent, and they’ve needed to adapted WN to LN in volumes 22 and 23 which came out in March and July respectively. Slowly crunching the『Memories』without exception, she had masticated them. Subaru: The witch cult will attack the square that we’re heading to, and we have to stop their wickedness. And. ーーThe only one who truly comprehended that thing, was herself alone. The people who are alive, can even reunite with their families. after a long break we got a new chapter. Louis’ facial expression was disordered, trying to laugh, trying to be angered, trying to be doleful, and baffled by the notation of fear not present in any of those, she was perplexed and was imploring. Tightly clenching the fist he had been gazing, Subaru『Sang His Own Praises』from the bottom of his heart. The truth was, Louis and『Louis’』 plans had transitioned smoothly. Right now,『Emilia’s』heart was beating with such warmth, such warmth. Glaring with his sharp cuspids unraveled, was the Sin Archbishop of『Gluttony』who named himself as Ley Batenkaitos. Neither will I pity you.”. It really isn’t, it isn’t after all, it indeed isn’t, we’re telling you it isn’t, as it isn’t, as we know it isn’t, that’s why! Thank you ringo san (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ After allーー, Subaru: “ーーMy name is Natsuki Subaru. It would not turn traitor, like the hell named oneself.