The Goonch sometimes referred to as the “Giant Devil Catfish” has to be one of the ultimate Angler challenges in freshwater. Environment specifics [edit | edit source] This is an enormous catfish best left for public aquariums. Company Registered in England no. According to fish taxonomist Dr Maurice Kottelat, reports that this species can reach 2m/6'6" are incorrect. Behavior: Goonch Catfish are best kept by themselves or with larger fish. Pleco Paradise LLC. 8" Minimum Tank Size: 300 gallons Care Level: Medium Temperament: Very aggressive Aquarium Hardiness: Hardy Water Conditions: 72-82° F, pH 6.5-7.8 Max Size: 2m Color Form: Same general colour pattern consisting of three darkly pigmented bands or blotches on the body. Aquarium. What species of catfish are for sale on eBay? Goonch Catfish! Flickr photos, groups, and tags related to the "goonch" Flickr tag. Tank compatibility [edit | edit source] This is a notoriously predatory fish and will take smaller fish whole, and take chunks out of larger fish with it's very sharp teeth. Notes: Sometimes known as the Dwarf goonch, this is one of a handful of Bagarius species, including: B. sutchus, B. rutilus and B. yarrelli. ALBINO HECKELII CICHLID THREADFIN ACARA EARTHEATER (Albino Acarichthys Heckelii) Size : 3” Retail only! The goonch catfish has distinguishing characteristics that make it easy to identify. Despite the 230 pound accepted max, Jeremy believes he saw a highly overweight goonch while d… In captivity, exhibits very anti-social behaviour so introduce other (large) fishes with extreme care as it reportedly eats scales and fin parts of some large fish kept with it. Compatibility: In nature, it is a truly excellent predator, typically hunting in groups. Organization. Scientific name: Bagarius bagarius Size: There's a little dispute over the eventual size of this fish. Because they prefer heavily planted tanks, I don’t really recommend them to a beginner aquarist, especially because setting up a planted aquarium can be expensive. Goonch catfish (Bagarius yarelli) British biologist Jeremy Wade volunteered to capture the perpetrator. They have wide mouths, multiple rows of teeth and huge appetites. A better bet for aquarists captivated by the gooch mystique is the scaled-down Dwarf Goonch, Bagarius bagarius. Giant Devil Catfish, Goonch, Sand Shark Additional scientific names Bagrus yarrelli, Bargarius yarelli. If you have an outdoor pond or water garden, then a good choice is the channel catfish, which may grow to over 2 feet long. He was told by the villagers that the creature likely developed a taste for human flesh and had grown large after … This is one of the ultimate monster fish in the hobby! Rare Fish. Is it over yet? . Can I come back out? The other three are even rarer in the hobby. It turns out that fishkeeping isn’t such a lucrative industry for shop owners, with many living a perpetual state of financial hand-tomouth. larger morsels (including fish) can be offered as the fish grows. It is listed as valid in FishBase, ITIS and Eschmeyer. However, Kottelat regards the species as valid. Bagarius bagarius, also known as the devil catfish, dwarf goonch or goonch (Bengali: বাঘাইর), is a species of catfish in the genus Bagarius. The true giant devil catfish! Irregularly placed spots may also be present on the body With their elongated body and broad sensory barbels, these catfish are highly adapted to life in the rocky, fast-moving waters they inhabit in the wild. Furnish with smooth, water-worn boulders, and use hefty filtration and extra circulation pumps to maintain high oxygen levels. Origin: Ganges in India, and the Mekong and Chao Phraya basins in Thailand The Goonch catfish is one of the largest species of catfish in the world. If you continue to use this site we’ll assume you’re happy to receive all cookies. We spend the weekend in California. Origin: Bagarius bagarius is found in various parts of Asia including the Ganges in India, and the Mekong and Chao Phraya basins in Thailand. The temperature shouldn't be too high and the water should have plenty of dissolved oxygen. Size: Approx. The goonch feeds on the half-burned human corpses. Always loved how sleek and streamlined they … They are distributed in the Indus drainage in Pakistan and India, east (including peninsular India) to the Red River drainage in Vietnam and south throughout Indochina including the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia. Aquarist Experience Level: Intermediate. The Dwarf Goonch Catfish, Bagarius bagarius, is an unusual sisorid catfish that's best suited to specialist fishkeepers, says Matt Clarke. 2572212 | VAT registration No. Water: Occurs in both freshwater and brackish water with a pH of 6.5-7.8, 12-18GH, 12-17.5C/54-64F. It is one of the larger varieties of catfish with a potential length of almost six feet long and a weight of over 150 pounds. Irregularly placed spots may also be present on the body Diet: Larval foods such as … For starters, Goonch isn’t a gullible mermaid to fall for an easy lure. It is quite a specialist fish, though, with some specific requirements. GB 638 3492 15, Copyright © 2021 Warners Group Publications Plc. Most people refer to this fish as being the size of a … Dwarf Goonch Catfish Bagarius Bagarius Dwarf goonch catfish, Bagarius bagarius The Dwarf goonch catfish, Bagarius bagarius, is an unusual sisorid catfish that's best suited to specialist fishkeepers, says Matt Clarke. Water Conditions: 72-82° F, pH 6.5-7.8 Do not keep with smaller fishes. Goonch Catfish. One of our stops was this awesome 4000 gallon MonsterTropical Catfish Tank. Catfish Fishing Crappie Fishing Carp Fishing Saltwater Fishing Kayak Fishing Fly Fishing Tips Fishing Life Gone Fishing Fishing Humor. B. rutilus was described by Heok Hee Ng and Maurice Kottelat in 2000 from Laos, Vietnam and China and reaches around 1m in length. Center for Stingray Biology. Below is a list of aquarium catfish we have for sale (see separate list for L-Number plecs / suckermouth catfish) - however, due to our quick stock turnover, we still recommend phoning/emailing first if you will be travelling to visit us for a certain species!. Global Fish Co. We found this one at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Harlestone Heath, which imported it from India. Size: There's a little dispute over the eventual size of this fish. Habitat: Predominantly large rivers, but also recorded from Chilka Lake. This article was first published in the Christmas 2003 issue of Practical Fishkeeping magazine. Otocinclus Catfish have a sizeable fan base in the aquascaping world due to their insatiable appetite for algae, interesting features and mild temper. B. bagarius is known from the Ganges River, … Images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder. Aquarium Hardiness: Hardy Moved this Goonch Catfish (Yarrelli) today so I took the opportunity... to get some good shots of him. yarrelli) $ 124.99 – $ 199.99 Among the most fearsome of all freshwater predators, the “Goonch” Catfish of the genus Bagarius have long been sought after by aquarium fish keepers with enormous tanks and a love for monster fish.