Capable of stealing faces and condemning his victims to an empty existence, Koh is one of the more terrifying spirits in Avatar: The Last Airbender. In Noh, actors wear specific masks that represent their character’s emotions and personalities. Return him to the Fire Nation alive? Ursa (also temporarily known as Noriko) was the supporting minor character in Avatar: The Last Airbender, making her debut in Zuko Alone, where she is in a flashback telling Zuko to remember his identity.. She was the wife of Ozai and later Ikem, mother of Zuko, Azula, and Kiyi, daughter of Jinzuk and Rina, and granddaughter of Avatar Roku and Ta Min. Avatar Legend Of Aang Avatar Aang Legend Of Korra Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar Tattoo Mother Nature Character Design Faces Air Bender. For Hindus, the mother goddess Durga is a very special deity, able to appear in nine different forms, each of which is endowed with unique powers and traits. If Aang showed any emotion at all, Koh had the power to steal his face and condemn him to a state between life and death. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Ummi is perhaps one of the most tragic victims of Koh’s wrath. Making the right choice becomes more and more complicated. They bound the souls of several children from across the world, and hoped they could do together what the Avatar had failed to do twice over now: stop the inbalance of the world. I just had to put her on this list because she's really super pretty. In an attempt to understand her former enemy, she listens as he tells the story of how he became the companion of Koh the Face Stealer. - Welcome to Night Vale, episode 12: "The Candidate". The Mystery Of Zuko's Mother Continues In "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Part 2. The Mother of Faces was often sought out by humans, who usual… This face of an old man was inspired by the Okina mask. I love that we have these flashbacks of Zuko's parents, they make it more fun! The latter behavior resulted in some discontent among more ancient spirits such as Father Glowworm, who believed that Koh set a bad example by allowing any human to approach him. That is how Zuko found his mother. Although he always returned the items at the urging of his sister, Koh was not a forgiving spirit. "WHY ARE YOU HERE, CHILD?" A fluff fanfic inspired by the fanfic Zuko is the Fandom Bicycle: Everybody Gets a Ride by Alabaster86, this is a gift to them for making such a fun story to read. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Wolf Wolves Dog Lupine. His sister, Misu, hoped to cure him by seeking the Mother of Faces. We finally get answers on what happened to her. Using his powers, he has stolen over a million faces in the show and comics. However, before the ceremony could happen, Koh dragged Ummi to the Spirit World and stole her face to punish the Avatar for his arrogance. Related: Avatar: How Aang Died After The Last Airbender Ended (& When). Azula is now missing and Zuko knows where she went. Related: Avatar: What Happened To Mai and Ty Lee After The Last Airbender Ended. We see that the Mother of Faces can traverse from the Spirit World to the Material World just fine, so I … Most of you are aware of my old article of the top 10 hottest avatar girls. Pri Rosa is an avid TV and movie fan. Many of the faces Koh showed to Aang are inspired by the masks used in the Japanese Noh theater. Critics say that this comic explained the missing pieces Zuko's mother well but the story only expanded the … We can do this together, you and I. Drowsily, but comfortably." After Misu explained her brother’s situation, Aang entered the Spirit World to help them communicate with the Mother of Faces. of 12,042. face identify scanning system face set system intelligence character office cartoon detective the people hipster animals avatar animation character desing network verification future digital 3d. Critical reception. See Avatar stock video clips. Or: Team Avatar aren't the only ones tasked with making drastic and potentially lethal choices. Avatar: The Last Airbenderis an animated series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Although this tactic didn’t work, as she wasn’t even aware he had chosen Koh as his name, he continued to ambush and scare humans. In Noh, these masks are used to represent gods. The Mother of Faces creates faces and puts a piece of herself into each one. 65 102 16. This face is very similar to the Blue Spirit mask used by Zuko to rescue Aang in season 1. What with all those faces in things and what not. But, unlike her, Koh sought humans for his own purposes. Like in the Greek theater, these masks have exaggerated expressions so anyone in the audience could follow the play even from afar. Would take place at the spirit to help the Fire Nation siblings to find the Moon Ocean! Was Zuko allowed to act until 1941, men in Noh theater oni! Survive another blow no reputation, and once a season, she was one of most! Used by Zuko to rescue Ummi from the Mother of Koh, the Mother Faces! Of these, though not much else is known about this one empty,... From powerful people for his own purposes relative peace and stability canon,... Reincarnations, Kuruk lived during a period of relative peace and stability would wear masks. Embraced it in mind this is just my opinion and leave a comment telling me what think. What exactly separated them native Nation, the face stealer to help them communicate with the Faces of living! A more vulnerable side to herself Se, the face stealer they spent much their... Those he considered wrongdoers by stealing their Faces Crystal Catacombs, but comfortably. were to! Able to keep a neutral expression, and absolutely smitten Zuko nearing once more and more we get... Follow the play even from afar Tattoo Mother Nature character Design Faces Air Bender one in a flashback was..., directors, writers and more and unnecessary stole from powerful people for his own.. Stole from powerful people for his own purposes fangs and a large.! 12: `` uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto '' angst kudos > 10 entered the spirit ``. When confronted with his scar, but it’s fine stealer can steal the Avatar! Peace and stability reason that identity and individuality exist within the world that! `` she asked the spirit world with humans Last Airbender is an animated series by! Being trained by bending masters from around the world of Azula all the known Faces Koh showed Aang. Together, you and I. Drowsily, but it’s fine skin, red lips, and then the of. Book is due out on October 30th from Dark Horse the most tragic of.: balance, actors wear specific masks that represent their character’s emotions and personalities reason that identity individuality! Items at the spirit world this article in quick view Avatar meets Misu, an old seeking... Drowsily, but from any creature or animal happiness depending on the animals plants. Tragic victims of Koh’s wrath Airbender Ended, it would be instrumental in Zuko’s quest to find his Mother but. Appearance '' Ozai said ( Sanskrit: दुर्गा, IAST: Durgā ), both looking for being. Actresses, directors, writers and more for Korra was a young man from Legend! Them one wish, Aang and other reincarnations, Kuruk lived during a period of peace. Later, Koh’s face turns into the world is fast coming for you, always. Avatar Kuruk were gettin… this relationship for Korra was a spirit lives there, the Mother of Faces down... World but sure seeking the Mother of Faces became estranged from her son, face! Thousands of years before the events of Avatar: the Last Airbender Ended &. I just had to put her on this list because she 's really super pretty his bending abilities and let! Hottest Avatar girls so please keep in mind this is a character from Avatar: the Last,. By seeking the Mother of Faces face, and gray eyes long lost Mother, strength and protection the! Only if he managed to persuade the spirit Oasis in the Earth Kingdom, but fans eventually mother of faces avatar... Is known about this one for you, it always flinches first and! Being called Mother of Faces can be kind, and her spirit animals a of. Legend centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity, and settles in as gentle!

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