He then left denounced it. As, Christian’s after we initially do the ha. Version History. Above all of these things, I am a woman of God, trying my absolute best to be sold out for the Lord. God tells us to be careful for everything. God tells us to love him with all our hearts, souls mind and strength. A Tale of Two Umbrellas: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., – A Portrait of Sister-Friend Love October 09, 2018 I pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in Fall of 2006. She stated that she read some things online and saw a YouTube video that talked about Greek symbols and how the Greek organizations are a trick of the devil. As the key chain fell out of my hand I tried to catch it but it continue to fall. Kappa Alpha, one of the nation’s largest and oldest college fraternities, is not unaccustomed to fending off charges of racism. When I think of this demonic occurrence... all I hear in my mind is "For my people perish for a lack of knowledge." In 1913, some members felt that changes needed to be made and that a permenant organization needed to be established. Though it seems like the answer is simple, it is not. As we went through a MIP (Member Intake Process) process, I can remember being in a dark room with lite candles. When I joined Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. sisterhood, legacy, and community service were very important to me! I remember having my AKA key chain in my hand. I had a dream one night in April that I was holding my AKA key chain and it fell out of my hand, as it hit the floor it broke in half, the pink broke away from the green and the AKA. The pink broke away from the green and the AKA symbol broke off the key chain. I told her I heard the same thing and I, It’s my favorite time of the year, its spring time!!! The flowers, the baby animals, the beautiful shades of green, the weather, flying kites, blowing bubbles, the time change, I JUST LOVE SPRING!!! We conversed much about other things in my life and our ministry but the verdict was that I did not have his blessing nor, more importantly, the blessing of God. I immediately went into prayer. God tells us to serve no other god but Him. A group of Howard University alums and Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters explain what electing the nation's first black woman vice president means to them and the generations ahead. I was afraid to tell people because I thought they would be angry. Feel free to email me if you want more understand. Its embrace … I just love the scenery. In April 2011 I was praying to God and asking Him to remove anything that's not like Him in my life. When I woke up the next day I was confused, but I knew that it the dream was meaningful. I couldn't figure out how others that proclaimed Jesus, Holiness, being SOLD OUT could be in leadership in churches but I had to leave. Dorothy Buckhanan Wilson, International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® , issued a statement Saturday morning denouncing the racial unrest occurring in Charlottesville, Virginia. I can remember kneeling in front of a table with items on it. Alpha Kappa Kappa (ΑΚΚ) is a medical school fraternity that was founded on September 29, 1888, at Dartmouth Medical School.. AKK operated as a national organization which had over 60 chapters at various medical schools throughout the United States for approximately 80 years, with national headquarters in Ellettsville, Indiana and possibly in Illinois. I surrounded to my Heavenly Father and through him I realized that ZPB is pagan organization that I no longer want to be apart of. I can be reached at reignflowers@yahoo.com. He gave me specific instructions and I followed them. This is a very hard job and of course I try to get out of it. A year later I remember someone saying that AKA and other Greek organizations were of the devil. So many people I know are proudly part of these cults so I will continue to speak the truth on these cults so those that have ears to hear are set free ..... brothers and sisters in Christ we must continue to speak ill of these cults and tear them apart when the opportunity present itself. Ratings and Reviews See All. To my surprise most of them supported me. Nothing was required of me to become a member. As we went through a MIP (Member Intake Process) process, I can remember being in a dark room with lite candles. COIP is a fee that goes into an endowment fund which pays for building maintenance of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Corporate Office. There is now so much understanding as to why the darkness I was in at that time sky-rocketed once I became a member of OES.My grandmother, mother, and sister are all members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. My family went through a lot since 2012. If you have any questions, I'd love to be of assistance. Delegates to the 1990 Boule (Richmond, VA) voted in favor of adding an additional floor and storage space to the Corporate Office building. Many people think that these Sororities and Fraternities are harmless but I noticed the more I read my bible the more i, It’s my favorite time of the year, its spring time!!! As, Christian’s after we initially do the ha. I remember repeating oaths and singing songs. In the YouTube video it talked about Greeks and Idol worship. As we went through a MIP (Member Intake Process) process, I can remember being in a dark room with lite candles. I pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated in Fall of 2006. The last thing that really made me pursue an answer was my husband (we just started dating at the time). He began to tell me how he was praying one day and a voice told him that he should not worship other gods. I plan to write my letter to headquarters this week. :). (Now that’s one thing I am NOT a fan of.) As Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority began to grow on the campus of Howard University, some members began to become unhappy with the state of the organization. As of today, I denounced ZPB. As I began to seek Him that year in 2011, one night I had a dream. Though my mother had to struggle to come up with the $700, she made sacrifices and made it happen to make me a soror and more importantly, make me happy.I know that God looks out for fools and little children but now that I've been enlightened, I can't truly pass for either. I just really need to get this pledging fee from over my head so that there is a possibility of salvaging my relationship with my mother even while I salvage my communion with the trinity.Humbly and Gratefully,MD fwmdesserts@gmail.com, God told me not to join while I was shopping for an organization. I wish to only serve and worship God. Just because an organization uses scriptures, prays or and mentions God doesn't mean that it's of God. Instead, the organization seeks to uphold racist power structures by glorifying an old-time, supposedly southern … Denouncing Alpha Kappa Alpha and Sticking to it! One of my line sisters told me that she felt like she was wrong pledging. I remember repeating oaths and singing songs. This video is to simply share our personal testimonies and experiences as to why we denounced these organizations. Der Alphakanal oder α-Kanal ist ein zusätzlicher Kanal, der in Rastergrafiken zusätzlich zu den Farbinformationen die Transparenz (Durchsichtigkeit) der einzelnen Pixel (Bildpunkte) speichert. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, it is one of the world's leading service organizations. !. My father is a Master Mason, Past Master, Past Patron, Eastern Star, Shriner, Turtle, and all of that other stuff. We all had on out green AKA jackets. He looked at me in the eye and asked me, "are you on line" (meaning are you pledging). STAY PRAYED UP!!! It's been a long time coming and I feel relieved. There was a lot of discord and divide Finally, on August 31, 2014, my niece was born bringing us all back together.